Whole cabinet series hardware solution
Although China is the latecomer of integral ambry, but the revolution that passes 3 times develops, from 2002 ambry market total demand 800,000 sets, the 2.9 million sets in 2007, arrive again the 3.5 million sets in 2009, arrive finally now 10 times, the growth of dozens of times, as a result at integral ambry became the standard that every family is matched!
Nevertheless Chinese ambry industry also has inadequacy in its development:
1, the cabinet function is not complete, the combination change is little, the variety is little, the specification size is disordered;
2. The technology level is not enough, the quality is rough, and the substrate plate does not meet the technical standards;
3. Small scale of the enterprise, chaotic market, insufficient design and technology;
4, deterioration of internal competition and so on...
Now more commonly used design and processing method is 32MM system design, RTA structure method and processing!
The 32MM system specification mainly has 3 points: the system hole diameter is 5MM;The hole center of the system is 37MM away from the edge of the side plate.The center distance of the system hole in the vertical direction is a multiple of 32MM.
RTA- assemble furniture or specification parts assemble furniture.It is the furniture that is main characteristic with component production, sale, scene assemble, it made clear "component is product" concept!
How to judge the stand or fall of ambry?
Besides door plank, ark body USES material outside, basically be to see ark body fittings quality tall not tall;Ark body fittings basically includes guideway, shake a hand, 3 in one join piece, condole code, adjust foot, footstool to wait, hardware fittings of a good kitchen utensils and appliances can delay the life of ambry not only, can promote its product value more!
Cabinet hardware
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