How to extend the life of the eccentric wheel, Taifeng Hardware tells you
 In the installation of panel furniture, whether it is the use of two-in-one connectors or three-in-one connectors, the accessories of the eccentric wheel are indispensable. When the eccentric wheel is used for too long, dust or cracks may appear on the surface, which seriously affects its service life!
So is there any way to  prolong  the life of the eccentric? High-quality furniture connector manufacturers Taifeng Hardware today teaches you a  way to extend the life of the eccentric wheel:
1, we can increase the coating on the surface of the product, improve the oxidation resistance of the product, and now the general plating is about 3UM,
Can do 5UM;
2, we can also expose the eccentric wheel to the outside part with a plastic cover to protect the product;
3. If this still not meet the requirements of users for oxidation prevention, Taifeng Hardware recommends that you can switch to better environmentally friendly materials, and at the same time strengthen the density of the products to meet higher quality requirements;